A youthful question: “What happened to our rights?”

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Everybody has rights and responsibilities and so do people with disabilities.
They struggle on a day-to-day basis against society because their rights are vulnerable.

Therefore, we all must work with them to reach an equal inclusion for everybody.
The CAPACIDADES association works to raise awareness on this. Our main objective is to
empower every person who needs it.

First off, we must allow them to live their life in their own terms. They have the right to decide
like everybody else whether to do one activity or the other, whether to go or not to go to a
certain place, or even if they feel like meeting people in this moment or not.
We need to make the “normal” people understand that they do not have to help others
because they feel that they are better than others or that others have less worth than them…
every person is unique, we have weaknesses and virtues we deal with every day, without
anyone constantly pointing out to our limits and our imperfections.

The concept of inclusion is still unknown by society in general and, although some of us wave
the flag for it, other people still have the preconception that individuals with disabilities cannot
work adequately in a normal context and that they can’t have an independent/autonomous
life. But that’s a big mistake and it’s because of that why we love working with young people
with disabilities. In CAPACIDADES, we attempt to provide them with the tools to choose the
life that they want and to protect them from injustice and rejection.

A project like this, and so the people who are involved in it, help to destroy the negative ideas
about disabilities by teaching everyone the importance of inclusion.
To sum up, all people need to own their life and that is why we are working to make an
inclusive world.

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