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From my perspective as a part of the team that aided the effort to make this training happen and proceed smoothly, I have to say that it was very interesting to work on the things “behind the scenes” of the project.

I was in charge of taking notes of the group meetings, making interviews with the participants, making photos and videos during the training and different small tasks that came over each day. I completed all of those tasks and enjoyed myself thoroughly in the process of it. Due to the positive environment and the uplifted attitude of the participants, every challenge I was confronted with, went by a lot easier. In the process of making my assignments I got the opportunity to learn a lot about multitasking, time management and of course I got to experience the inner working of the projects and what it means to organize and make a training like this happen. So with very little knowledge as a member of the team, this experience was twice as rewarding. Of course I was not the only member of the support team. Together with Polona, Georg and Rihards we did the best we could too keep this machine well oiled.

The participants were a bunch of hard working people, very motivated and willing to learn new things and sharing their experience in order to help each other. Although the training was very demanding for the participants and required a great deal of focus and time investment, they still managed to keep working in groups after the long training sessions ended. The effort they put in was very commendable. They even worked until late in the night just to be prepared for the next training day. They didn’t just contribute with their hard work, but also with their daily reflections which helped the trainers navigate the training according to their needs and wishes. But just as training was provided for them, so was entertainment for all of us. We spent the evenings after long hard days, socializing in and around the hotel where we were staying. That gave us the chance to get to know each other a little better. We made some good acquaintances and friendships.

But none of this would have happened without our highly qualified and well versed trainers Inga and Laura. Their dedication to make the whole week an enriching experience for all of us is admirable. They were the ones that worked the hardest every day, yet because of their positive energy never gave us the impression that anything was hard or stressful for them.

In conclusion – mixing together two amazing trainers, 16 knowledge-hungry participants and a few members of a supporting team – is a perfect recipe to be ALL IN!