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I got a vision but i ain’t got no manners.

It feels like i’m back where i belong, thanks to All In Erasmus+ project with YIPO. I started an amazing adventure the day I joined Deutchlandsberg and met with people from all over europe. I haven’t been involved in an european youth work project for the past 2 years, so it was a much welcomed opportunity to be able to engage on the topic of inclusive youth work in these conditions. We were guest in an amazing venue, surrounded by quality facilities and with a warm insight on the austrian culture. The program we followed was carefully led by a skillfull team of trainers, who i would like to thank for their commitment, always offering us their best attention, and congratulate about their expertise, topics were up to date, intersectionality was at the starting point and supported with activity tools, bravo . We went through various moments, from rôle play activities that shaped our bonds and particularites in an entertaining and creative environment, to challenging debates where you may feel the heat of questioning your vision of youth work. As a part of the learning process, an emphasis was put on informal moments, when participants are decyphering all the informations gathered within the day, we could gather with a small group of pairs and comfortably connect and interact each experiences. This approach is a great interpersonal experience, as youth workers it is important to remember that we still need support, even if we bear responsability for others, we also have to take care of how we feel, so to avoid any backlash to the young people we spend time with. And this is where i am today, on my way to shape a support system in my local environment, at work, during my hobbies, as a citizen. This is one of the inspiration that nutured during our training, they are people with whom you share a common ground of values, it happened at All In, there are manners to do inclusive youth work…

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