E Event in Madrid

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It was a sunny 27th of March in Madrid. The city embraced us in a warm morning, and we had the opportunity to celebrate the Multiplier Event f All In in the Library of Casa de Fieras in El Retiro, a wonderful park in Madrid.

Our mates had come from Slovenia ( ODTIZ Institute ), Scotland ( Youthlink Scotland ) and Spain ( Capacidades, from Ciudad Real ) to participate as well in the event.

More than 15 people, practitioners and volunteers most of them in the youth work or civil servants from the Spanish Youth Council, participate in the presentation.

That was the moment to share with all of them the aims, the participants, the reflections All In produced, an Inclusive young Work for practitioners, youth worker, the non-formal education and the intersectionality and all the topics that made us work together for the last two years…

Our mates from Slovenia and Scotland explained first what their associations are and why and whom they work for. Then it was the time for Diversidades and Red Acoge, and our experience from the Project, the developing of the program, the different training courses, (both in Deutchslandberg, and then in Spain), and the expected products of the project.

And finally we had the opportunity to listen to Maider Moreno, a Political Scientist and Sociologist, an expert in “Gender, Politics and Sexuality”, who is working now as a doctoral candidate in Universidad Complutense de Madrid , and participates in Capaces a project whose main aim is to raise awareness throughout the population about the different discriminations the refugee women suffer in their daily lives , in nine Municipalities in Madrid

To finish the event, we had the opportunity to share with the participants all their questions, valuable insights and to emphasize the importance of the Inclusive Youth work.

As it´s common in Spain, we offered a small reception to all the people that accompanied us in that day.

Thanks everybody for your participation and contributions, and mainly our colleagues from Slovenia, Ciudad Real and Scotland who came from their countries to share with us their experiences too!