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Training like we had can and is full of different emotions, learning processes, group dynamics and many other things. By the end of the day everyone of course had his/her own impressions and views, what has been happening during the day. Therefore every evening “our special reporter” were asking several people to tell about their day (of course extra from planned official evaluation and reflection sessions). And this is, what our “reporter” found out*:

22nd of October (Monday)

My first fear is a language barrier, but I will try to overcome it and get to the higher level. I want to learn more about the non-formal education. I need this training because I don’t have experience with young people yet. The training is interesting; I am already learning different methodologies. I can use the knowledge I get here in my work. I like that we share ideas and experiences in the group. People from different countries have different visions and that is good because we can learn from each other more that way.”

I am very happy with the experience. I love the dynamics of activities. I am already thinking how to use them in my work. My problem is language. I am frustrated with myself because of it because normally I like to express myself with words but I cannot in English. I want to know more about inclusion and what I can do to be more inclusive in my work. I like smaller groups more because it’s easier for me to express myself.”

It was a lovely and easy day, no pressure. As I was a participant this time a lot of things were interesting. I liked “agree, disagree” activity, it opened new perspectives for me, made me realize that things are not always black-white.  I like being back in Deutschlandsberg. The group is very nice and I am looking forward to the next days.”

23rd of October (Tuesday)

I feel like today I could hear each participant’s vision and background. I liked the activities because they gave us a chance to express our opinions and views about intersectionality and inclusion. The program allows us to spend informal time, enough quality time to have a good personal experience. I feel like expressing myself was easy today thanks to the diverse guidelines. Overall I’m happy to be here part of a very diverse international group of possible long-term relations and partners. The whole organization of the program makes me feel comfortable, active listening is clearly part of the tools that the organization promotes.”

I feel more confident today, I felt like until today we were going into the topic toooo slow. Today was pretty intense and it was good to start with intersectionality. The group came together well. At the end of the day I was positively tired. All the participants have different things to bring and contribute and that makes it good to learn. The activities we did and listening to people were opening my views about my work. The group is very positive, I feel like it’s a safe space, everybody is talking. We can really express ourselves in terms of ideas. I can ask difficult questions. I expect to dig deeper into these tpics, maybe we come to more sensitive topics but that’s ok.”

I feel good, today was the day I was waiting for. Intersectionality is not something that comes up much in my country and I was happy to learn about the experiences in other countries. For me this is new topics and I think the leaders dig into them well. Intersectionality is a difficult topic so it was a perfect idea to divide us in activity according to the countries.  The trainers manage the group perfectly. For me the most difficult part was at the end when we had to talk about the projects that we were working on in the past and have to do with inclusion because I need more time to think and the field I am working is gender inclusion but not inclusion of the other groups.”

24th October (Wednesday)

I liked that there was much more theory today. I wish there would be more theory in future, not just practical part. I was a bit distracted at the end because of the baby, she is just too cute! 🙂 I like how good Inga and Laura complement each other.  I learned a lot about the learning styles, the information was delivered to me in a new way. I like working in groups because we can help each other and come up with new ideas. I like how the program is made; we have enough time and breaks.”

Today was very useful in terms of improving my skills and knowledge of theory. The concepts and examples were also very useful. I think our group is a good example of inclusion. I feel like it is a safe space for me and I can open up to the group. I like the trainers approach. The session about interaction were very good. We had a lot of group work and I enjoy that. It’s good that we have enough time for reflection. Looking forward to acting out more activities, I am very enthusiastic about the last modules.

It’s my first international training and it’s great. I push myself to go out of my comfort zone. I feel very tired but in a good way because it was a very productive day. Theoretical and practical parts were well mixed. Inga and Laura work together great. Group is nice and every day we are getting closer together. I like exchanging ideas with others. I feel very good.”

25th October (Thursday)

It was great coz I already know the methods and it was interesting to see how they work out in practice. Especially useful knowledge was where we learned how to give and receive feedback. I can already see how I will use it in practice.  Afternoon was even more awesome, because we went at the Buchenshank, where we tasted traditional food and drinks. It ended up in a party with dancing in the seminar room. I am so much looking forward to the next days.”

The first group was very helpful in understanding of the delivering of the massage. At one point it was very stressful when we were presenting our module.It was very interesting and important to reflect on our own work and other groups as well. I feel very connected to the group. This training is getting me on journey that I could never imagine. Meeting people from all around the Europe is great and it’s the best way to share experience and expend our knowledge.”

I did not have enough rest over the night. I love my group. We worked a lot last night to prepare for today. I feel that every group today had their own challenges. It was very valuable to learn from others. I’m really impressed by the energy shown from the other participants. The Buschenschank was also a great experience.”

26th October (Friday)

It was not too hard for me today. I was thinking a lot and the day passed quickly. I feel good in the group, they are very helpful. I enjoyed the activity with labels the most. I didn’t like the dinner today so much. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow. I think every activity is helpful. Inga and Laura work very hard, the information they give us is easy to understand. I did not know anything about the topics on this training before I came here but now I know much more and I am much more prepared for becoming a trainer myself.”

Today I learned a lot from my group from activity we made. We worked well together. The activity where we closed our eyes was very hard for me because I need to use more senses for better understanding. I would need more time to reflect on different activities. Inga and Laura make the whole experience even nicer. The methodology they use is very easy to understand.”

The label activity was interesting but for some people too heavy. For me it was good because it was easier to engage in it because we were thinking about real people. The activity where we drew our city was also very good. My group was very nice and I like that we are changing the groups especially because i am new and i feel like i know everybody already. Everybody is very nice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow because we will present our activity. I feel like this training is giving me a lot for future, athough I already knew a few things that we are working on here.”

27th October (Saturday)

ʺI had to prepare for a workshop today. It was a very fruitful group preparation. I enjoyed the peoples engagement in the group today. People are taking this activities very seriously and have fun. All this week has been very useful for my work. The reflection groups are very useful. The team spirit is very supportive. The group is very divers and it gives a bigger perspective of the society.ˮ

Team, of course, also took part in interviews.

It was very interesting to be a part of the team for the first time because I had the opportunity to see the project from another perspective. A lot more work is involved in the programm than just what the participants usually see. I am very happy to be a part of this group of people, we all connected very well. I also had the chance to occasionally be a part of the sessions and I am very impressed by the work the group did. From my part I can say I tried to do my best to do the tasks that needed to be done but there is deffinitely space to improve myself in the future projects.ˮ

This week was the most intensive week of year 2018 for me, which is great. I like taking challanges but I think after two years of break this might have been too much challange. But Laura took a lot of pressure off me. I always enjoy working with her because we have a good connection and the same level of experience. I think that we were well repared. The group was very motivated to learn and share their knowledge. The outcome was very intence. They had positive influence on our methods. I am thankful that they they respected my situation. I wish I could spend more time with my team. Without them this training would bee much worse. I am looking forward to the local trainings. I wish that we keep up this good energy in smaller and bigger comunities so that we are all in.ʺ

As one of the trainers on this project I am very happy I did it together with Inga. It was a big responsibility but I am very happy with the result and positively suprprised by the group’s hard work and investment. This week represented a big step forward in the youth field. 16 new pwople are now ready to organise trainings in theis countries. Trainings in Deutschlandsberg always has special magic.ʺ

For me everything here is positive, phe group and the hotel people are so friendly.This is a great group of people and they all seem so invested in this project. I like to be a part of this experience and my job to help is not hard at all. I am also thinking of joining as a participant some other time.ʺ

ˮI like this hotel and the group very much. I got the chance to spend some time with the participants and also with my daughter who has also been here. I would like to come back next time.ʺ

This experience was very nice and I will miss it. Everything is so positive that I could do it for one more week. I like the proffesional and nice approach of Inga. I am also very happy that I got to work with Georg, he is the best co-worker I could wish for. I really like the group and the hotel. The food here is the best!ʺ

ʺThis week was very nice. Everything was very well organised. The group is a lot of fun and easy going. I had a lot of good conversations with them. It was very nice to work with Polona too. I had enough free time as well.ˮ

*NOTE: Every day different participants were interviewed

© Inga and Ana