Impressions during ALL IN training

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Every evening after „oficial” program and reflection time was over, we have been asking several participants (every evening other persons of course ) to spend some time with us and tell us their impressions of the day. Here are some of them:

It was a very interesting day. Because I am a first time participant in a training course I didn’t really know what to expect despite reading all the basic information about it. I found out that this course is very intervened with my studies. I liked working in different groups with different people because I like to learn about their personalities, cultures, experiences, etc. I find the organizers presentation of the subject through very dynamic activities fascinating. Before coming here I was worried that I wasn’t experienced enough and that I wouldn’t meet the group’s expectations. Now I am a bit more confident in myself. I am hoping to receive more practical education in this course that I can use in my studies and in work in my teaching. I’m hoping to keep in touch with people I met here.”

Today was another interesting, fun and productive day. Although we all met only 2 days ago, it feels like we are already well connected as a group. Today we explored the first basics of youth work, diversity, equality, inclusion especially based on youth work, etc. We listed a lot of examples of how this concept can be implemented in everyday life and in youth work. Being a disabled person on a wheelchair myself, this topic was extremely important for me, because I face challenges in this area on a daily basis – consciously or subconsciously. We worked a lot in smaller and bigger groups which I always enjoy. In the evening we had a lovely intercultural ending of the day, where participants presented some of the interesting facts about their countries in a very fun way. So far I wouldn’t change a thing!”

In general I liked the activities, our tasks could be better structured if we were given some examples. It’s hard to imagine your organization in the future; if you don’t have or work in one, because you need some kind of foundations first. I think that the participants with less experiences would be more included if some tasks were more hypothetical. Somehow I did not find my place in the group today.”

I liked thinking about the future and the activity with future organizations in2025, I feel like there was too much separation of the topics and we kept on going back and forth with them. I am very happy that I could work actively with Daniele, it was very important to be able to share the objectives of our organization with him.  I think that the tools that were given to us were very good. F.e., how to find the solutions for the challenges, how to search for resources…) The park story was very good. I am the person that needs more time to organize my thoughts in my head and express them, so maybe that is why I did not communicate as much today. Maybe I would change the structure of individual activities a little as it felt like we were coming back to the same topics all the time. Tomorrow I am hoping for more work in bigger groups. “

For me it was interesting to learn about the different groups of people in the way of informal education. I see many links between the topics we covered today to my studies. I feel like I didn’t talk enough in the group at the beginning, because I didn’t get the chance. I really liked the compliments that we were giving to each other at the end. Buschenschrank was nice, and that area has a beautiful view. The day passed really fast. I am starting to feel more open to people in the group.”

I realized I need more global vision on my association. I was aware more about the target groups in the activities we were doing. I was thinking about my org. and about the plan for the future. It was a very good day about the tools. I appreciated the patience the trainers had for us to express our thoughts. I like the democracy in voting for the longer break. I hope to see good contribution from the groups and that we can set up some new partnership for the future. “

And of course, the also team could not escape the interview time.

I am Inga’s assistant help with tasks that come up that day It’s my first time participating in the project like this although I am not actively involved in the training. I like everybody, I learned a lot about myself. I have free evenings too and I like spending them with the group. We really bonded. I don’t have any complains. I will be driving everybody home on Sunday and I hope everything goes to plan.”

The whole experience was very positive. I like to see people learning, especially when they don’t even know that they are learning. The participants contributed a lot and their involvement in the activities was very nice. Everybody progressed more each day and I am looking forward to their official feedback. I am not as tired as I expected. Training team was working very well together. For me modules 1 and 2 were the best. Hotel, the staff and the food were good.” 

The week was very dynamic and intense – mostly in a positive way. It was a very interesting process. I have worked with Mija and Marja before, but never with Emily. We used our differences well. I am also super happy I chose Claudia and Georg as assistants. I was doing many things on the training and in the background I learned a lot from the team. It was very important to get a feedback from all the participants so now we know in which direction we have to change things. I can say it was a very good week, even with the small challenges.”

I feel great, again I got the prove that we always learn from each other. I feel good in a role of a trainer. Non formal education is very important, especially connected with inclusive work. The team was great, everything went smoothly. Intersectionality topic was very good.” 

I feel great; people here were very nice, we all connected fast. It’s nice to share experiences and the way of thinking, there were a lot of “aha” moments, No matter how much work this kind of projects are, the most important is what it gives to the participants.”

This is just the beginning of the marathon of testing our Modules. We learnt a lot and now going back to “paper work” to “tune up” the Modules that they are even better for local testing, which will start very actively at the beginning of November 2018.