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I truly had a great time at the seminar which took place in Izola between the 8th and the 12th of February of this year. Not only did I get to visit the seaside and smell the fresh air of the sea in the middle of winter, I also got the pleasure to meet with a group of versatile people with mixed abilities. Each member of the group came from a different background, had a different occupation, experiences and stories to tell. We had a chance to share some of our stories and experiences during the many forms of team work at the seminar. We discovered that although we have many different interests, we all have at least one thing in common: we were all eager to learn and try out new things, so we had a lot of fun while collaborating together. Our trainers, Mija and Marja told us a lot of interesting and useful things about human rights and forms of youth work. With the help of practical exercises, they also showed us how the process of project writing looks like, how you transform the inclusive project from theory into practice and shared with us their own experiences in the matter. Each day at the seminar taught me something new, there was never a dull moment, but I especially cherish the newly gained knowledge about inclusive project developing as I would like to stay in the field of project work in the future.

Kim Ren, participant