Local implementation of All In project

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Slovenian local implementation of the project All In took place in beautiful fishermen’s town Izola, from 8th to 12th February. We really want our participants to get very connected during the training, this is why we decide to organize it in one piece and provide accommodation.

Our participants came from different backgrounds and experiences. We involved three participants with disabilities.

We started with getting to know each other games and group building activity where participants had to build the paper bridge with limited material in a short period of time.

After that we had presentation of Erasmus plus programme and All In project, where we presented aims and objectives of All In and the work we have done so far. In next days we went through modules and we talked a lot about inclusion, power, privilege and intersectionality. And that were also activities where participants had many “AHA” moments, which were discussed in the evening when we had daily evaluation.

In last day participants reported that they enjoyed training very much and learned a lot, which was confirmed with before and after learning assessment.