Why? Why? Why? :)

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We already count hours till the opening evening of ToT „ALL IN”. Still a lot of preparation work to do, but we are very excited to meet all the people very soon…

We have prepared some „inside” information, why they want to be part of this learning adventure.

They are hoping to get the opportunity to gain new skills and experience in successfully delivering their own trainings. They also look forward to getting insight of the whole project and learning from more experienced trainers. They see the opportunity to improve the quality of their already existing and future projects in their organizations. The participants will furthermore take the knowledge and experiences they gain and spread them in their communities. They want to give opportunities and help to different groups of young people and their families such as: disabled people, people from marginalized groups, LGBT community, etc. They give big importance to seeing different views on the topic of inclusion and enlarge their own perspective even more. They want to undo the wrongs that can be done by exclusion and strengthen the bonds within communities and are also hoping to apply “intersectionality” theory into their work. They are interested in new methods and development in non-formal education and incorporating them into their own work as trainers. Some are interested in preparing themselves for their own future work as trainers and being able to pass on the knowledge. Some have never attended an international training course on social inclusion before and are looking forward to do so this time. There is also an interest of delivering targeted responses in schools and youth organizations to ensure they meet the complex needs of minority ethnic young people who are at risk of racism, discrimination and isolation.

The team will try to meet all these needs, which can be a challenge, but then again – the ALL IN is about inclusive youth work & meeting needs of persons from different angles. Challenge in practice so to say, but team will be ready for that!

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